Specific diagnosis

A first direct and personal contact

A specific diagnosis can be carried out at the request of the National Inclusion Commission (CNI) or at your request (parent or adult student). You can contact us directly, by phone or by email. Once the CNI has decided on the diagnosis, one of our staff members will contact you as soon as possible.

In an initial interview, we try to establish a relationship of trust with you and get an overview of the current situation (of the child or young person and their family environment).

Specific diagnosis

We then draw up the specific diagnosis. This is subsidiary and based on the reports and certificates prepared at local level (school) and regional level (regional directorate or high school headmaster).

The student whose file arrives at the CDA has very often already had a long and sometimes very difficult journey. We will therefore rely primarily on the results of the tests and reports already carried out and make an additional assessment. If it proves necessary, further standardised tests will be carried out.





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