Adjustments and compensation

Before a pupil’s file reaches us, many efforts have usually already been made at local (school) and regional (regional or upper school directorate) level to help the pupil. The curriculum has been approached in a differentiated way, the student has received support in certain subjects, training and extra tuition has been taken. At this point, frustrations can accumulate, both for the student and for their family and professionals.

If pupils have been lagging behind in studies, we suggest adjustments that will enable them to follow the lessons according to their specific needs. The adjustments can take different forms:

  • Adjustment of the working environment;
  • More time for exercises, homework and tests;
  • Adjustment of the worksheets;
  • Provision of a technical aid (iPad, laptop, calculator, etc.).

Before any of these adjustments can be implemented in the class, they are tested and evaluated by our staff in individual meetings with the student. Subsequently, the implementation in the class takes place in close cooperation with the class teacher and the teaching staff. Guidance to parents is also provided to enable regular and appropriate use at home.




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