The CDA’s resource library, Troisième Lieu, will be closed to the public from Tuesday, 23 July to Sunday, 1 September 2024 to carry out the annual inventory of the collection.

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The Grand Duchess Maria Teresa Competence centre for learning development (CDA) is one of 9 competence centres launched by the Ministry of Education, Children and Youth to support children and adolescents with special needs.

The CDA focusses on supporting children and young people with learning and/or attention difficulties and disorders.

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The services offered can be divided into two broad categories: The direct care of the child/young person and the transfer of knowledge.

At the CDA, we back the inclusion of all children and young people in school and in society. Accordingly, all students who are supported by our specialists continue to be enrolled in their regular class. We do not have our own classes.

Specific diagnosis


Counselling, Guidance

Advanced Training, coaching

The transfer of knowledge is one of our main missions.

Here you will find current knowledge on learning disabilities in different formats: specialised literature (in our documentation centre), reference guides, brochures, tutorials, testimonials, podcasts, etc.


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5, rue Thomas Edison
L-1445 Strassen



Reception / Information:

Tel.: 247 65103 / 247 65123



Troisième Lieu:

Tel.: 247 65141 / 247 65141

Press contact:

Myriam Bamberg
Tel.: 247 85252