Advanced training, coaching

Advanced training

Lifelong learning is the basis for innovative and high-quality education.

To help teachers, I-EBS, members of ESEB and SePAS and anyone else working in the school sector prepare for the challenges that learning disorders (dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD) can bring to a pupil, we have put together a selection of advanced training courses that we offer in close collaboration with the Institut de formation de l’éducation nationale (IFEN). Some of these trainings can also take place at your school.

All the advanced training courses we offer or suggest in the current academic year can be found in our calendar. Also, do not hesitate to contact us for more information on these trainings: or view the full IFEN catalogue.

Basic training

Raising awareness and preparing students of social and educational sciences for the topic of learning disorders (dyslexia, dyscalculia, ADHD) seems to us to be essential. The increased interest in this topic is very noticeable in the student body. In order to promote the inclusion of students in their classes, it is crucial that prospective teachers are equipped with the necessary knowledge and resources to meet this challenge from the very beginning. For this reason, the CDA is proactively engaged in initial training.

Internship training for EPS civil servants and employees

The training of civil servants and employees in the education and psychosocial subgroup aims, among other things, to “consolidate the knowledge and indispensable skills required for the performance of their duties”.

As a civil servant or employee in training, you can choose from a range of training courses on learning and attention disorders delivered by our specialists. We consider these trainings as a real added value to the practice of an educational profession.


We also offer customized individual or group coaching sessions at the CDA, at your school/high school or at a facility in your community, tailored to your specific needs and expectations, including for example:

  • A support in the development of a specific and adapted curriculum;
  • A support in the development of a personalised learning and support plan (PPAA);
  • An evaluation of the implementation of the support measures.

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