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You are a teacher or I-EBS and would like specific advice on the topic of learning disorders? You are a member of the support team for pupils with specific needs (ESEB) and are confronted with a difficult situation in class due to an attention deficit disorder? You are a deputy regional director responsible for pupils with special needs and would like to develop the cooperation between the professionals of the school environment and the family of the pupil?

On request, we offer counselling or guidance to all interested professionals in the school environment. In close cooperation we offer our support with:

  • Conceptualising the “learning difficulties and disorders” part of your school development plan;
  • Clarifying and informing about possible symptoms of learning or attention disorders;
  • Developing effective strategies to help pupils in their daily lives;
  • Working with parents;
  • Choosing the right reading and teaching materials.

To make an appointment, please contact us by phone at 247-65123 or by email: .

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