CDA branch in Differdange

On 27 September 2023, the first branch of the Centre pour le développement des apprentissages Grande-Duchesse Maria Teresa (CDA) was inaugurated.

Since the beginning of the school year 2023/2024, the CDA has had premises for the care of pupils with learning difficulties or disorders in Differdange. The aim of this facility in the south of Luxembourg is to ensure greater proximity and improve the visibility of the services offered. In a first phase, the CDA team will care for primary school children enrolled in the Differdange, Pétange and Sanem regions.

The CDA team in Differdange, which consists of psychologists, an occupational therapist, a speech therapist and teachers, works according to a phase model. In small groups, the pupils go through several phases of support: a pre-diagnosis phase, a diagnosis phase and a post-diagnosis phase. During the time the pupil is on the premises of the CDA, holistic care is provided. The support is not only limited to diagnosis, but also includes observation, needs assessment, individual and group support and much more.

In addition to the supervision of pupils, further training can be offered in one of the three large training rooms, and a specialist collection can be consulted in the resource library.

In a second phase, support for pupils with learning difficulties or disorders from other regions in the south of the country is also planned. Branches in other regions of the country are also planned.

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